2010 - present

2010 - present


What do you get when you cross a school district with a professional learning services organization? A sustainable model for producing edtech confident teachers who can lead their peers.

Presented with Andrew Schwab, Chief Technology Officer, Union School District, San Jose, CA

Tiered Professional Learning to Build a District's Capacity   •  CUE 2016 Fall Conference 10/28/16
Watch Video @ CUE 2016 National Conference 03/17/2016

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Presented with Corinne Takara
A makerspace is a learning environment that mashes art, design, and technology with  making projects, sprinkled with design thinking, inquiry-based learning, and collaboration to enhance the common core classroom.

Make a Makerspace and Design Thinking Lab in Your Classroom

Fall CUE14 Conference / October 25, 2014





GOOD! Design Basics with Google Draw (WM324)
ISTE Conference, San Antonio, TX
June 27, 2017

Discover how to fight "I'm not creative" syndrome with basic graphic design principles to create visually interesting media projects. Designed primarily for “non-graphic designer” educators, the principles and instructional model are useful for developing students’ visual literacy skills. Google Draw is the artistic medium for creating a simple project.

Communicate Clearly with Graphic Design

CUE 2016 National Conference / March 18, 2016

Non-graphic designer educators can easily apply six graphic principles for infographics, presentations, print, or web sites to create clear visual communication that increases readability, comprehension, and visual appeal. ​ // My Graphic Design Resource Handout

The Promise = Learn graphic design principles to transform your infographic from “ok” to WOW! Focused on the non-graphic designer educator, this session presents easy to apply graphic techniques for classroom projects.

Graphic Design Tips for Creating Infographics

CUE 2015 National Conference / March 20, 2015

Graphic Design for Teaching and Learning Workshop

IVLA 2016 International Conference / October 5–8, 2016

Held at Concordia University, Montreal, Canada

Easy! Graphic Design for Educators BYOD Workshop

East Bay CUE Conference / September 24, 2016

Graphic Design for Teaching and Learning Workshop
CUE Fall Conference • Napa Valley / October 28, 2016
Steve's Graphic Design Resource Handout

Given people learn a majority of content from visual presentation, the effective presenter’s or educator’s visual voice can enhance the learner’s understanding of their message. The visual voice is like a fingerprint. It is a presenter’s communication style using images and design elements to deepen the meaning of and multiply the impact of their verbal presentation. 

Visual Voice: The Treasure of Your Graphic Design Journey • #1 Introduction
Video Presentation June 2017
Graphic Design Ideas! Whirlwind Style
CUE National Conference • Palm Springs
March 17, 2017
Graphic Design Resources

You’re a non-graphic designer? No worries! You can easily apply graphic principles to create well-designed projects that improves visual appeal and readers’ comprehension. Find your visual voice and improve yoru overall presentation style. Fast paced: whirlwind style! 

Graphic Design for Teaching and Learning Workshop
CUE National Conference • Palm Springs
March 16, 2017
Graphic Design Resources

This hands-on workshop demonstrates the power of four “action” design principles for improving all forms of visual communication. Modeling an iterative design process that is easy to follow and could be emulated in any instructional setting, the workshop will demonstrate Google Draw to create instructions for making a cup of hot cocoa. New design principles are introduced in iterative design cycles and the project is further refined. Gallery walks after each design cycle extends the creative collaboration.