Creativity-Powered Learning [Poster]
ISTE Conference, Philadelphia, PA \ June 2019

Students’ creative confidence for completing projects comes from an internal well-spring that inspires them to unleash their innovative potential. In some cases, their creativity is trapped under doubt, fear, and low self-confidence. Let’s uncover and nurture students’ natural inventiveness with simple techniques and tools that shift their mindset.

EdTech for You! Workshop
Long Beach City College, Long Beach, CA \ May 2019

Designed for LBCC faculty to see, hear, and use cool edtech tools to inspire teaching and learning online, blended, or face-to-face. Workshop built inside Canvas LMS.

spARCS for Motivation
CUE BOLD Conference, Carlsbad, CA \ May 2019

Learn and experience the positive effects of adding motivational elements into any lesson that will add "spARCS" and sustain students’ interest using the ARCS Motivational Instructional Design model.

UDL: Every Student, Every Time
CUE National Conference, Palm Springs, CA
March 2019 \ with Marlena Hebern

Even a great lesson can fall short of being the RIGHT lesson for EVERY kid. In this dynamic session, we will design a lesson live, using UDL principles blended with the magic of EduProtocols to reach every learner in your class.

Visual Design to Supercharge Comprehension
CUE National Conference, Palm Springs, CA
March 2019 

The digital media world can be intimidating for educators who

think of themselves as non-graphic designers or not creative. It

is challenging to organize all the page or slide content, graphic

elements, and use all the image manipulation options to create

projects that an audience can read and understand. The prime benefit

to the learner is increased comprehension.

Uncovering Creativity and Innovation Workshop
CUE Black Label, Lake Elsinore School District \ July 2018

Focus of workshop is developing teacher’s creative confidence and unleashing their inherent potential to innovate. While schools often do not intentionally focus on creativity, teachers and educational leaders have significant potential for creative thinking to design the kinds of learning environments our students need. It's important for education leaders in all content areas and disciplines to be a catalyst for creativity and innovation in themselves while shaping students’ perceptions of creativity.

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okay, it's conversational and a bit rusty, but many people do you know that can even attempt a conversation in German?


2010 - present

2010 - present


EduProtocols are classroom-tested customizable lesson-frames for any subject or grade to break up clichéd lesson plans, build culture, and deliver content to K-12 students in a supportive, creative environment . Each engaging EduProtocol develops students' skills for creativity, collaboration. critical thinking, and problem solving.

Writing Excellent Instructional Objectives
CUE Black Label, Simi Valley Unified S. D. \ March 2018

Writing instructional objectives based on a given standard is a challenging task for even the most accomplished teacher. Objectives are tactical, describing what the learner will either think, act (do), or feel after the instruction. Using the 3-part objective strategy, participants are guided through a systematic backward instructional design process to create a holistic view of the specific learning activity, identify the resources needed for learning, and determine the expected learning outcomes.